A Message from Our Pastor:

Greetings in Christ!

We live in challenging times.
      A troubled economy, uncertain future, health care debates, wars across the world, natural disasters, terror and violence in our own land:  That's what the world offers us.  Changing trends in society cause doubt and worry.  And each individual has their own list of problems, hardships, health concerns, and difficulties.

As society changes, even most churches or religious organizations change to try to cope with the increasingly unstable world.  Some churches even change Christian teaching to be more in line with the world!  We are dying sinners in a dying world.  Even the great advancements in medicine, technology, and communications in the world cannot cover up the fact that humanity is not getting better.  The world is not advancing, but dying, grinding to a halt, coming to the end.

Change and decay are all around us.  But we have a changeless confession upon which to stand.  Although Satan has brought sin, suffering, and death into the world, Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, was crucified on the cross, and was buried in the tomb to pay for sin.  He rose from the grave to defeat death and give new life.

And it's true: The Gospel is the good news that Jesus has died and risen.  But there's more!  He gives His forgiveness and new life to you through Baptism, Absolution, and the Lord's Supper. He gives you actual physical ways that you may know that this is true for you - in your own life - as you go through ups and downs - in whatever place you are in life.

That's what we're all about: repentance and forgiveness in Jesus.

You're always invited to join us and find out more!

Rev. Gary Schultz

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What's Special About Our Church?
   In our communities, there are many churches someone could attend.  On a national level, there are many denominations that someone could join.
   Do we attend a church because of our cultural heritage? No.  Do we attend a church because we are good people? No.  Do we attend a church for social connections? No.
   All religious denominations are different and growing farther apart.  What makes the Lutheran Church unique?
   The Lutheran Church focuses on Christ’s incarnation.  “Incarnation” means God became man.  What is most important about God isn’t His power or  majesty.  What is most spectacular about God is that He became man!
   The Lutheran Church is a sacramental church.  As God joined Himself with man, so Our Lord now joins Himself with things.  He gives His forgiveness from the cross in concrete ways to Christians today: He washes us clean in Baptism; He forgives sins in Absolution; He gives His Body and Blood for strengthening of faith in the Lord’s Supper.  He speaks and teaches in His Word.
   Lutheran preaching is about repentance and forgiveness of sins.  Preaching is not about self-improvement or finding fulfillment in the world or yourself.  It is about hearing from the Scriptures of our need to turn from sin and to cling to Jesus’ forgiveness.
   The Lutheran Church is a liturgical church.  We worship with the Liturgy handed down through all ages in the Church.  It is how the Holy Ghost delivers Jesus’ gifts to His people today.